Economic and financial


We understand the importance of accuracy in this highly specialised industry (whose subject matter often encompasses legal issues)
and hand-pick highly qualified and experienced professionals.

Economic and financial translations is our largest area of specialisation making up approximately 30% of our turnover.
We keep client-specific translation memories and glossaries which allow us to maintain terminological consistency as well as saving our clients’ precious time and money on future translation jobs.

Whatever your translation requirements might be, you can trust Expressão to offer you a tailored, confidential and accurate service at all times.

Our financial translators specialise in this field, and most of them hold a degree in economics, management, accounting or finance. Furthermore, they only translate into their mother language.

Quality and confidentiality are our priority and all our translators are bound by non-disclosure agreements.

Project expertise
  • Audit reports
  • Business activity reports
  • Business plans
  • E-learning and training modules
  • Financial statements and economic analyses
  • Fund prospectuses and reports
  • KIIDs
  • Market analysis
  • Press releases
  • Reports & accounts
  • Tax reports

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