I just need to have a few words translated. Is there a minimum charge?
Yes, the minimum price is EUR 30 per language.

How long does it take for a text to be translated?
It all depends on the language and difficulty of the text. Usually, a translator translates about 2000 words/day (about 8 pages). The delivery deadline will be indicated  in your budget. Should the translation be urgent, let us know so we can shorten the delivery time.

How do I send documents for translation?
You can send documents by e-mail, fax, post or courier. You can also send us a CD, DVD or USB flash drive.

How is the budget calculated?

The price of the translation depends on many elements, such as the source and target language, the technical difficulty, the length of the text and the urgency of the translation. Our clear price table, without additional costs, allows for greater transparency in the calculations. It is possible for you to know beforehand exactly how much you will pay for your translation since we charge per word and only count the words of the source text.

How can I get my translation certified?
Often, you will most likely need to have a certified translation in legal proceedings or to present to official authorities. That being the case, we can arrange for a lawyer or notary public to certify the translation or obtain a declaration from the translator. If necessary, we can arrange the affixing of an apostille under the Hague convention. Please note that all certified translations must be based on original documents or certified copies.

What are the available means of payment?
You can pay in cash, by cheque or by bank transfer. We also accept most credit cards through Moneybookers and Paypal. In order to pay via these systems, you don’t need to have a Moneybookers or Paypal account. The payment goes through a safe server, respecting your privacy at all times. For more information, please visit this page: Payment options.

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