Our vast network of professional interpreters allows us to respond to a wide range of interpreting needs. We select interpreters based on a combination of factors, such as expertise in the language pair, specialisation area and event type. From all our interpreters we pick those that best suit your needs.


Simultaneous interpreting is aimed at large groups and is used during conferences, long official meetings or training sessions where many listeners do not speak the presenter’s language. It requires the renting of audiovisual equipment, such as booths, microphones, and headphones. The interpreter talks at the same time as the presenter, and listeners receive the message rendered in their language.


The need for a consecutive interpreter usually occurs when there are small groups, namely in business meetings, press conferences, short presentations, exhibition visits, and medical consultations. The speaker makes pauses for the interpreter to render the message into the target language. The size of the fragment can vary from one-two sentences to a few minutes. There is no need for technical equipment, but each speech takes double the time usually needed for each speech is twice longer.


As the name suggests, the interpreter sits or stands next to one or two listeners and whispers the text in the target language with a very small delay after the speaker, almost simultaneously. This modality of interpretinged is sought primarily by individuals or very small groups of people attending conferences or training sessions in athe language they don’t understand, and where the organizers do not provide simultaneous interpreting into their native language.

We provide you with:

  • professional interpreters, based in Portugal and abroad, specialised in a range of different areas
  • the necessary equipment (interpreters’ booths, sound system, etc.)
  • assistance on choosing between simultaneous, consecutive or whispered interpreting services
  • professional advice at each stage of conference preparation.

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