Information technology


Are you interested in localising your website, user manual, online help files, graphical user interface, software or your smartphone app for a foreign market but have no idea how to take on such a task?

 We have the tools required for handling many kinds of files and help high-tech companies reach higher levels with high-quality translations.

 With Expressão you can rest assured that your translation is performed by language professionals specialised in IT and new technologies.

We work with a wide range of file formats and employ translation memory systems that decrease costs, assure terminology consistency, reduce human errors and preserve translated content for future use. This can significantly decrease the cost of multiple, similar translation jobs.

Project expertise
  • Back office content
  • Help files
  • Multilingual testing
  • Online support
  • Software user guides
  • Tutorials
  • User support manuals
  • Video & e-learning files
  • Website localisation and SEO

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